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University (UNIGEO/Gorgasali) Alumni Club Regulations

I. General Provisions

1. A public organization University "str" kursdamtavre-bulta and Friends Club (the Club), a voluntary, non-profit community association.

2. In its activities the club is guided by the legislative acts, and this regulation, voluntary participation, transparency and tanastsoruplebisnobis principles.

II.  The main goals and directions of activity

1. The club's main goals:
• University graduates and students of communication and firmly;
• Graduates of the University of joint efforts to strengthen the position;
• graduates of public support for their position and strengthen the activities of the various fields in order to achieve success

2. The club's activities:
• Alumni support system development and strengthening;
• University and to strengthen ties with the organization and production facilities, where work graduates;
• Participate in graduate shromitmotsqoba their competence;
• Graduates of friendship and corporate ties, various activities to promote their partnership;
• students will further growth in terms of perspective among students and young people to participate in the selection;
• graduates, professors and students nastsavleblebta thematic meetings;
• charitable organization;
• dissemination of information about the club's activities and planned activities;
• public recognition of achievement.

III.  Club membership

1. A member of the club can become a university "str" graduate, who acknowledges this provision and take part in its activities in the.

2. Club membership is voluntary and begins with the club's board kursdamtavrebu-Lee, upon the written request of the date of receipt of the decision.

3. The club members have equal rights and responsibilities.

4. The members of the club of a violation of this provision, voluntary obligations, inappropriate behavior and thus discredit the club, the club's board makes a decision to expel a member of.

5. Club members have the right to:
• elect and be elected to the board of the club;
• take part in any activities of the Club;
• propose activities of any issue;
• take part in the meetings of the club, to discuss all the issues to be discussed at the meeting by the regulations;
• mimaghtos club datsvkis of his interests;

IV.  Club authorities

1. Club sakmioanobas heads:
• Members of the general assembly;
• Chairman of the Board of the club;

2. The composition of the club head oeganoebis possible only with their members.

3. The supreme governing body of the congregation.  It is valid if more than half of the members of the club takes part in its work.  Assembly decides on simple majority of votes.

4. Members of the congregation:
• approve of the regulations and changes thereto;
• elected by the Assembly of the Council of the 3-year period;
• reviews and approves the club's plans for the classification of activities;
• make a decision to terminate the operations of the club and the club's reorganization

5. The board of the club:
• directs the activities of the club between the Assemblies;
• Assembly takes decisions;
• members of the Board shall elect its chairperson for 3 years;
• make a decision to convene the meeting, the agenda is approved;
• makes the decision-making and the expulsion of members of the club;

6. Club Board Chairman:
• directs the activities of the club;
• State of the club, society, international organizations and other citizens' associations;
• performs the functions of goals and objectives.

V. of liquidation and reorganization procedure:

1. Termination of its liquidation or reorganization is going through, 'decision, this provision or applicable law - the court decision.

2. Club provides internal and other documents for the registration and protection.
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