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The Faculty of Humanities and Languages provides comprehensive education in Philology at Undergraduate levels. The Program in English Philology provides comprehensive training in all areas of English Language studies. Course work is offered in Grammar, advanced literature, historical periods, important authors and literary movements, literary theory and linguistics. All students develop a broad competence in general topics of English language philology before moving to a more specialized knowledge of a single area or topic.

By studying Philology, with its various topics, you will acquire not only knowledge and skills for understanding and applying the essentials in English language, but also acquire technical and methodological skills to develop interpersonal skills and communication abilities.

Prof. Dr.

Marina Burduli


Faculty Department of Humanitarian Studies at the International University of Georgia.

Philology (English)

A degree in English Philology offers students solid knowledge and competency in English language and an understanding of the languages and cultures of the Anglophone world.

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