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Student Self-Government

The programs and activities of our student self-government, was designed to connect the university's strategic development, mission and objectives, with the student´s needs and their education and experience background. We will try to share with you our vision, which is the student government for the implementation of the objectives and activities of the authority.

First of all, we want to introduce in general, what the student government objectives are:

1. within its authority, and to protect the rights and legitimate interests of students, both inside the university and outside.

2. within its powers to encourage the students in the practical realization of human rights and freedoms.

3. to assist the students in the study period, and the acquisition of professional skills to become a professional competitive.

4. to create optimal conditions for the students' summer vacation, labor activities or other needs.  Diversify students' life.

We will try to create a real vision of our program, and not be based on arbitrary promises. Our experience will help us in our goals and the necessary relationships. We will do our best that all undertakings will become exciting initiative and that the university administration will support our activities if the project obtains material and financial support. It is necessary for the university to actually function to be active in student government and student life.

Our cooperation will enable each of you a chance of doing the minimum to the maximum. University of primary importance for academic knowledge, which will contribute to the increasing interest of the student government. (Since there will be a professional contests, intellectual games, and so on), and all the factors to emphasize theoretical knowledge. In addition, members of the academic performance of student self-assessments are phased monitoring under consideration.

There are four faculty, student self-governance in accordance with the definition of delegates from each faculty will have to assist the faculty and be responsible for its frame.

Student self-government is structured into the following groups:

1. Education and Science
2. Culture
3. Tourism
4. Sports

Education and Science, the group will organize debates, discussions, intellectual games, conferences and other educational events.  The group will carry out the theatrical culture, cultural, creative and different types of events.

Sports Group will carry out competitions, championships in different fields, will cooperate with the Sports Department and some sports federations.  

Tourism Group plans hiking, excursions, rest and relaxation for the students to various events.

Student Government will be set up within the professional career development centre, which will help each student to professional and social championship.  In particular, there will be different types of training: PR, presentation, stress management, support for creating CV´s, cover letter writing, Leadership, etc.  In addition, the career centre will combine sections made after the stating: legal clinic, health clinic, Admission.

Students and creative realization of their involvement preferably monthly, published in the newspaper on behalf of the university, which will be laid out, the measures that have been implemented for years at the university and published all the information related to the University student community.  The student government will cooperate with the various governments and higher education institutions for students to carry out joint projects with them.

We are to have a university degree how competitive we intercept their hands after graduation.  We think this competition is to raise the lion contributed largely to the students.  We will fulfill our responsibility to the end.
The implementation of all the above, we have your support.

Student government's action program for the academic year:

• Student days;
• Sporting events;
• Training;
• Intellectual games;
• Round Table;
• Conferences;
• Cultural events;
• Workshop-PCs;
• Public figures and celebrities;
• Excursions, hikes and other similar events;

Best regards
President of Student Government

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